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Launching the European Regional Democracy Map (ERDM)

In May 2022, REGIOPARL has launched the European Regional Democracy Map (ERDM) together with its partners at the University of Bergen. The ERDM is a novel digital platform that should be accessible to many users, sustainably updated, and deliver reliable information and original data on the politics and institutions of regional democracy in Europe. Introducing […]

The future of regional parliaments in the EU: two different perspectives on their role for European democracy

From the variety of subnational parliaments that exist in the European Union on the local, municipal or regional level, one group has received increasing attention over the last decade: regional parliaments with own legislative competences. Strengthening the role of these institutions in the EU’s multi-level political system comes with the hope or claim of improving […]

Regional perspectives on European democracy: first results from REGIOPARL’s participatory research

The upcoming Conference on the Future of Europe will also involve regional political actors who will contribute their interests and ideas on the future of the EU to the debate. It is not least against this background that the REGIOPARL research project examines the normative perspectives and reform ideas of legislative actors from the regional […]