Read current blog posts of the REGIOPARL team as well as invited guests on the role of the regions in EUrope, the Future of Europe debate and REGIOPARL activities within the framework of our field research in the regions here.

‘Blended Finance’ a Way-Out of the Current EU Budget Negotiations?

Current EU budget negotiations are turning into another tortuous battle. This blogpost examines whether the involvement of private investors in delivering regional investment may offer a way out of the stalemate.

Opinion: Conference on the Future of Europe – Old Chefs, New Soup?

It sounded promising: in her speech in the plenary of the European Parliament in July 2019, Ursula von der Leyen, Commission President to be at the time, took a stance in the debate on the future of the European Union by announcing the Conference on the Future of Europe. She underlined how important the EU’s […]

New Book on Regional Governance in the EU: A Short Book Review

Prof. Gabriele Abels, who is a partner of the research project REGIOPARL, just published a new book on Regional Governance in the EU together with Jan Battke. This interesting book gathers many insightful contributions—some of which directly refer to topics of interest to REGIOPARL. Read more on our impressions and take-aways in this short book […]

REGIOPARL at the European Week of Regions and Cities

Last week REGIOPARL took part in the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels, a conference organized by the Committee of the Regions attracting over 9000 participants from regional and local authorities, EU institutions, academics and businesses. In workshops, panel debates and university sessions participants discussed the most topical agendas in the field of […]

A bit more Europe, please!

General elections took place in Austria last Sunday. It was a national election campaign without much emphasis on EU issues—unfortunately, as it is argued in this article. (Article in German)