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Regional parliaments getting involved in EU affairs? Insights from research and politics

The process of European integration has affected regional parliaments in many ways. This blog article discusses how regional parliaments have meanwhile responded in order to get involved in EU affairs. Can we observe a ‘Europeanization’ of regional parliaments?

The Conference on the Future of Europe and the Dilemma of the European Parliament

The European Parliament holds a difficult position within the institutional set-up of the European Union. It finds itself caught between political ambition and inter-institutional power gambles. The Conference on the Future of Europe illustrates the dilemma – and offers a way forward.

The Corona Crisis and Hungary’s Democracy: a European Problem

Dealing with the Corona crisis poses a challenge to all European democracies. There is one member state in particular, however, which raises worldwide attention: Hungary. Managing the pandemic not only increases tensions between Brussels and Budapest. The open conflict illustrates an immanent, fundamental problem of the EU. In order to avoid further ruptures it seems […]

The Corona Crisis as a Burning Lens for Regional Disparities and Social Tensions

From being a public health crisis, the current Corona pandemic has soon turned into an economic, social and political crisis. The consequences do not threaten countries, regions and people equally. A rather neglected group in the current discourse on the crisis have been blue-collar workers. This small ethnographic sketch points to the specific problem landscape […]

The Corona Crisis and the EU Budget: An Opportunity for Change?

The European Union (EU) is looking for cures to weather the upcoming economic storm, caused by the Corona pandemic. Similar to the eurozone crisis, initial negotiations about sharing debts have been blocked by Northern member states. The upcoming EU budget negotiations pose a second opportunity to set up a meaningful response for the years ahead. […]