Read current blog posts of the REGIOPARL team as well as invited guests on the role of the regions in EUrope, the Future of Europe debate and REGIOPARL activities within the framework of our field research in the regions here.

Regional elections in France – the latest example of the crisis of the French democracy

Looking at the striking degree of abstention in the latest French regional elections, this blog post analyzes possible causes for this phenomenon. Taking into account pandemic related circumstances and specific characteristics of regional elections, this contribution argues that ultimately the prominent position of presidential elections is the core issue causing a structural threat for the […]

European politics through the lens of members of the Austrian Landtage

What significance do European issues have for members of the Austrian Landtage, what possibilities to exert influence do they see and which cooperation networks do they use? Regarding these questions, this blog post presents first results from the REGIOPARL-survey conducted among members of the Austrian Landtage. (Blog post in German)

Regional actors – spectators or players in the “Brussels Game”?

EU legislation has a strong impact on the member states which is after decades of European integration not surprising. EU laws are negotiated and adopted between the three central actors of the EU, the EU Commission, the European Parliament and the Council and have to be implemented by the member states. What is sometimes overlooked […]

Rocky start, open ending: The Conference on the Future of Europe

The Conference on the Future of Europe has finally started. The negotiation process beforehand was characterized by fundamental discrepancies on the European level. This blog post takes a look at those critical developments in the run-up to the beginning of the conference, illustrating an underlying inter-institutional dilemma. (Blogpost in German)

Another referendum on independence? The future of the Scottish Parliament after Brexit

Today, Scotland elects a new parliament, and it is projected that the Scottish National Party (SNP), who campaigns on the promise of another vote on Scottish independence, will maintain its strong standing. It remains to be seen whether or not the SNP will be able to secure an absolute majority in the parliament – according […]