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Are European and regional elections really subordinate to national politics?

European elections are just around the corner. Like regional elections, they have been described as second-order elections, strongly influenced by and subordinate to national politics. With multi-level governance becoming increasingly commonplace in Europe and the world, does the assumption of second-orderness still hold true? Or are we witnessing the emergence of increasingly independent political arenas?

The effect of Brexit on the wealth of European regions

A recent study by the Bertelsmann foundation has quantified the economic impact of Brexit across European countries and regions… and the prospect looks rather grim. All of United Kingdom (UK) suffers, but “Leaver” regions more The inescapable reality of Brexit in both of its forms, hard or soft, will have far-reaching welfare consequences for all […]

Social movements, populist parties, and regional inequalities

Horst Seehofer (CSU) called it his „most important achievement for Bavaria“, Gregor Gysi (DIE LINKE) however the creation of a „competitive federalism“. In Germany, reforms to the federal system over the last 15 years have reshuffled the cards between the German federal level and the sub-national one strongly. At least since the 1990s regional politics […]